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Last update: 11.09.2018, 17:34:14
Antibiotic susceptibility testing kits MIKROLATEST MIC® offer precise and quantitative determination of minimum inhibitory concentration of antimicrobial agents (antibiotics) which inhibit visible growth of bacteria. This microdilution method is based on rehydration of antibiotics by suspension media in individual wells. One kit contains 10 determinations, each determination consisitng of 12 antibiotics in 8 concentrations and a growth control. Thanks to robust water-free format, it is possible to store the kits in 2-25°C with extended shelflife of 12 months minimum. 
MIKROLATEST MIC can be read either manually or using the ErbaScan reader controlled by the ErbaExpert software. 
There are 2 formats available:
  • 6 different panels to cover antibiotic susceptibility testing of wide range of most pathogenic groups of bacteria. See more »
  • 21 single MIC strips. See more »
Liquid suspension media are also available.

Available panels:

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