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ErbaExpert software

Last update: 11.09.2018, 18:41:28
ErbaExpert microbiology software is an intuitive and convenient tool dedicated for evaluation of all MIKROLATEST ID, MIKROLATEST MIC and MIKROLATEST BP products.
ErbaExpert can be operated either with ErbaScan reader for automated evaluation, or independently for manual evaluation. ErbaExpert offers full modularity in Patient management, Sample and Isolates registration, Identification and Antibiotic susceptibility tests reading and Expert evaluation of clinically relevant samples. Customers can choose from different operating modes: Sample to isolates registration leading to final evaluation of causative agents; or Parallel mode enabling independent registration of identification and susceptibility testing results; and other customizable modes. 
Expert system combines data from ID and AST tests and based on EUCAST and CLSI interpretation rules recommends susceptible antibiotics, type of treatment or further steps. Expert system automatically warns the users in case of non-standard results, e.g. in contrast to intrinsic resistance or occurrence of rare phenotypes.
Users can take the advantage of possibility to using Erba Lachema s.r.o. diagnostic kits, as well as registering information from direct identification and disc diffusion methods. ErbaExpert enables to store and filter data to epidemiological and statistical reports and data archiving for easier auditability of the results.

Request your own demo software for 60 days trial for free: 

Identification on all MIKROLATESTs

Antibiotic susceptibility testing on all MIC and BP tests
Expert evaluation based on EUCAST and CLSI standards

For more information download the ErbaScan, ErbaExpert catalogue brochure.


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