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Last update: 11.09.2018, 18:43:59
Definition of microbial concentration is a very important initial standardizing step in microbial identification, susceptibility testing, as well as for other purposes.
Densilameter works on the principle of optical absorbance, measured values are displayed directly in McFarland units. The device allows turbidity measurement in a wide range (between 0.0-15.0), and can be calibrated by three points between McFarland 0.5-9.0

Erba Fill
ErbaFill is a user-friendly liquid handling system dedicated to fast and convenient filling of both predefined MIC panels and single MIC strips.
Maintenance, cleaning, calibration and sterilisation of the instrument is extremely intuitive. The user can fill up to 180 MIC microplates with suspension media within one hour. Together with the ErbaDip inoculater can serve as a simple and convenient tool to precisely fill the microtiter plates in short time.

VIAFLO Vision pipette

Viaflo vision pipette is an electronic single channel pipettor designed for fast and  convenient work with MIKROLATEST® and SENSILATEST kits. The pipette has a large digital multi-colour display and touch wheel menu selector for easier control of individual operations. 
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