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MIKROLA® Softwares

Last update: 31.08.2015, 17:04:56
MIKROB2 is a microbiological software developed for the evaluation of MIKROLATEST® ID, MIKROLATEST® MIC and MIKROLATEST® BP kits.
Except of these basic functions it enables patient data management and statistical and epidemiological analysis. MIKROB2 includes also an expert system, which correlates results of identification and antibiotic susceptibility. Expert system is based on EUCAST and CLSI interpretation rules. User can switch between these two standards according to his/her requirements. Data to MIKROB2 are entered manually.
The identification mode contains biochemical tests of MIKROLATEST® ID kits and also other biochemical or morphological characteristics.
The mode for antibiotic susceptibility enables to enter data in three different ways: by a category susceptible (S), intermediate (I) or resistant (R), when working with MIKROLATEST® BP kit; by minimal inhibitory concentration value when working with MIKROLATEST® MIC or any other MIC system; and by zone size when working with discs. In the last two cases the conversion to the susceptibility category is done according to the chosen standard (EUCAST or CLSI).
The interpretation calls for certain microorganism and antibiotic are displayed after expert system activation. MIKROB2 offers an advanced organisation of your data into „registers“ and smart  statistical and epidemiological analyses to reveal trends of resistance to antibiotics among certain bacterial species, in certain period of time and in certain departments or hospitals.
MIKROB-AUTOMAT is a microbiological software which is used to control MIKROLA® reader. It allows reading of MIKROLATEST® ID, MIKROLATEST® BP and MIKROLATEST® MIC tests and archiving of the results.
MIKROB-AUTOMAT communicates with MIKROB2 to which the results can be send to be evaluated by an expert system or used for statistical or epidemiological analyses if needed. It can however work independently. Except of reading MIKROLATEST® BP and MIKROLATEST® MIC antibiotic susceptibility system, users can create his/her own set of antibiotics to be read by MIKROB-AUTOMAT.

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