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ID kits

Last update: 08.11.2022, 11:14:04
Kits MIKROLATEST® ID offer comfortable and reliable way to identify the most important bacteria and yeasts. Tests are placed on divided microplates with 1, 2 or 3 row strips. Each plate then contains strips for identification 12, 6 or 4 strains, respectively. Only a relevant part of the plate, corresponding to the number of examined strains, can be used, the rest is kept for further use. Reagents, suspension media, paraffin oil and additional tests are supplied separately. Reagent necessary and non-reagent tests are available for most groups of microorganisms. Non-reagent kits bring even more working comfort and save time.
Non- reagent kits:
ENTEROtest 24 N
STAPHYtest 24
NEISSERIAtest (suspension medium needed, supplied separately)
NEFERMtest 24
STREPTOtest 24 (suspension medium needed, supplied separately)
CANDIDAtest 21 (suspension medium needed, included in the kit)
Reagent necessary kits:
ENTEROtest 16
ENTEROtest 24
ENTERO-Rapid 24
ANAEROtest 23
For more information about particular Identification tests and supplementary reagents, download the Full microbiology catalogue.

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