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Urine analyzer LAURA Smart

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Urine analyzer LAURA Smart

Last update: 30.08.2020, 23:19:42

LAURA® Smart

LAURA® Smart is an effective and powerfull solution for the analysis of urine, which is designed for laboratories, ambulances of general practitioners, family doctors or specialists. Evaluation of the urine with LAURA Smart reader helps to eliminate any subjective interpretation of the colour reaction of the diagnostic pad s and therefore remarkably contributes to the correct diagnostic of the patient.

Four types of diagnostic strips, which differ in the number of parameters, are intended for use with the device:

DiaPHAN® LAURA                
PentaPHAN® LAURA          
HeptaPHAN® LAURA      





Parameters which can be determined by using diagnostic strips are: pH, protein (ALB), glucose (GLU), ketones (KET), urobilinogen (UBG), bilirubin (BIL), blood (BLD), as well as specific gravity (SG), nitrites (NIT) and leucocytes (LEU). LAURA® Smart  identifies the type of the strip used/inserted automatically. The compensation field (CF) allows eliminate the different colours of the urine samples.
LAURA® Smart has two possibilities of incubation:

  1. inside of the reader- capacity of measurement 60 strips/hour
  2. outside of the reader - capacity of measurement till to 240 strips/hour (special function SmartTiming®)

The goal of Smart Timing® function is to support the user in case of strips incubation outside of the LAURA® Smart reader. There are 4 independent Smart Timing Displaycolour timers (progress bars) displayed on the screen of the reader. The user may use any of four displayed timers , which corresponds with position one of the incubated strips as follow. The user can deep a new strip if respective timer on the screen is green, after dipping the user places the strip in the corresponding position and starts the timer (by pressing the respective green progress bar on the screen). The timing starts, the progress bar turns to yellow, after 45 sec the progress bar turns to red and beeps. Then the user has to place the strip onto the reader strip holder and the reader measures the strip at 60sec
The SW enables (turns to green) a new timer in every 15 sec;  4 strips could be measured in 1 minute (240/hour)

LAURA® Smart automatically check itself after each switch-on. The calibration of the reader LAURA® is checking by the control mode from SW menu. The special control strips are using for the checkings of the calibration and the right function of the optical parts. The control grey strips are a part of a delivery or it is possible to buy them separately also.

LAURA® Smart has double possibilities of power - portable mode (6x 1.5V batteries AA size) and stationary mode (electric power). Other advantages of this reader are touch screen, possibility of connection to the PC or to the laboratory information system (LlS), possibility of connection to the bar code reader (BCR) or to the external keyboard. Reader has the wide choice software menu with a lot of settings according to the user. The user has possibility to choose between different ways of entering the patients' samples, choose units by the every analysed parameter and add short commentary to the each result. The results are possible to print on a built-in thermo printer with speed 2s/parameter.


Description ofthe device:

  • Semi-quantitive reflex photometer
  • Measuring using LED + colour detector
  • Wavelengths: 470, 540, 650 nm
  • Latency: 55 s
  • Capacity: 60 strips per hour or 240 strips per hour
  • Touch screen (LCD display): 320x240 colour TFT
  • Built-in thermo printer, 2sec / parameter
  • External communication to PC / LIS via RS 232 or USB port
  • Possible connection to external keyboard or a bar code reader
  • Memory capacity: last 200 measurements
  • Languages for end-users: EN, DE, RU, PL, CZ, HU, IT, FR

PHAN® strips intended for analysis:


Working conditions:

  • External power source 7.5V DC switch adapter 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz
  • Internal power source - battery 6x 1,5V AA size
  • Power consumption: 20W max / 1 W standby
  • Temperature: optimum range 15-35 °C, relative humidity 20-80 %
  • Weight: 0,8 kg without adapter, battery and paper roll
  • Dimensions: 230 x 127 x 110 mm

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