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Test strips MicroalbuPHAN® and MicroalbuPHAN® LAURA

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Test strips MicroalbuPHAN® and MicroalbuPHAN® LAURA

Last update: 30.08.2020, 23:25:52

The test strips MicroalbuPHAN® a MicroalbuPHAN® LAURA are intended for semiquantitative determination of albumin and creatinine in urine and could be used for screening of the microalbuminuria. Positive results should be confirmed by quantitative methods.

The clinical importance of the positive results of low concentration of albumin in urine is the detection of risk of the beginning kidney damage. The microalbuminuria is the first indicator of the possibility of the incipiency of nephropathy; of other diabetes-related complications. It is a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease and risk factor in essential hypertension and also early marker of complications in diabetic pregnancy.

The test strip for visual evaluation of the microalbuminuria is available for several years and founds firm position especially in laboratories of specialists - diabetologists.

Erba Lachema s.r.o. introduce new test strip for objective evaluation of microalbuminuria in urine - MicroalbuPHAN® LAURA. Test strip is compatible with urine analysers LAURA® Smart.

Advantages of test strips MicroalbuPHAN® LAURA:

  • objective evaluation eliminates mistakes of visual evaluation
  • unified evaluation time (60 seconds)
  • elimination of extremely coloured urines (using of compensation field)

Evaluation of Results:

  • Semi-quantitative determination of microalbumin
  • Semi-quantitative determination of creatinine
  • Automatic calculation of the ratio of albumin/creatinine

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