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Autoimmune disease

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Autoimmune disease

Last update: 11.09.2018, 18:50:49

ELISA and IFA tests - Simultaneously on MAGO 4


  • Wide range of  ELISA, IFA and immunoblot tests
  • MAGO 4 pre-programmed assay procedures
  • Diagnostics of connective diseases, endocrinopathy, gastroenteropathy, vasculopathy, hepatopathy and neurological autoimmune diseases
  • Open system - custom/user programmable channels
  • Automated processing of ELISA, IFA and agglutination tests simultaneously in one batch 
  • 104 samples, barcodes, disposable tips
  • Up to 12 ELISA or 16 IFA tests in one batch
  • Levey-Jennings charts and Westgards rules on board

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