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About Erba Group

Erba Group is an emerging player in the global IVD Market and offers the full line of products for IVD testing. Erba group includes:

  • Erba Diagnostics (former Diamedix Corporation and Immunovision) in the USA
  • Delta Biologicals in Italy
  • Erba Lachema in Czech Republic (previous PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika)
  • Erba Rus in Russia
  • Erba DDS in Turkey
  • Erba Diagnostics France (former MAXMAT) in France
  • Escalon Clinical Diagnostics Business (owner company of Drew Scientific and JAS) in the USA

Erba Group´s product range includes the following areas:

  • Clinical Chemistry
    • Photometers, Automated Chemistry analyzers from 120-1000 tests/hr, liquid chemistry reagents & Bar coded system packs for automated chemistry analyzers;
    • Immunoturbidimetry kits for ASO, CRP, RF, hsCRP, LP(a), Ferritin, Microalbumin etc.;
    • Calibrators & Controls for Clinical Chemistry, Immunoturbidimetry, Hematology, Urine Analysis;
  • Hematology
    • 3 part and 5 part differential automated hematology analyzers with touch screen operation and up to 23 parameters;
  • Urine Chemistry and Sedimentation
    • Complete line of urine analyzers from 240-600 tests/hr
    • Automated Urine Chemistry and Sedimentation systems
    • Urine Strips from 1-11 parameters and strips for Microalbumin and Creatinine
  • Elisa, Autoimmunity, IFA
    • Consisting of Microplate Elisa Readers and Washers
    • Automated 4 plate Elisa processor
    • Kits for Thyroids, Fertility, ToRCH, HIV, Hepatitis
    • Kits for Autoimmunity and IFA
  • Microbiology range
    • Bacterial identification kits
    • Antibiotic Susceptibility Tests
    • Automated readers with interpretation software
  • Coagulation
    • ERBA EAC

All products are manufactured at ISO 13485:2003 certified facilities and are CE compliant.

Erba Group´s products are exported to over 60 countries worldwide including.

USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, China, South East Asia and Far East.

Future plans at Erba Group include the launch of new 6 plate Elisa Processor, kits for Blood bank tests and fully automated Immunology analyzer based on ELISA and Chemiluminisence technology.


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