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ID products for water microbiology
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ID products for water microbiology

Last update: 11.09.2018, 18:40:22
Beside the products generaly applicable for the bacterial identification in all fields of diagnostic microbiology, Erba Lachema s.r.o. provides MIKROLATEST® products developed especially for microbiological water examination. They are designed for rapid, quantitative presumptive determination of some important bacteria in water by using method of membrane filtration. These products are filter paper discs impregnated with reagent substrate for the detection of specific bacterial activity. The diameter of discs is compatible with the diameter of standard membrane filters. The kits provide 15 determinations.

Available products:

mOXItest is designed for rapid quantitative detection of cytochromeoxidase positive bacteria. The presence is detected by a colour reaction of N,N-dimethyl 1.4-phenylenediamine with α-naphthol, accompanied by indophenol formation. The test is carried out by transfering a membrane filter with colonies on moistened pad of mOXItest and evaluation of oxidase reactions within 1-2 minutes.

Advantages of mOXItest:
  • rapid determination – result within 2 min.
  • quantitative determination of oxidase positive bacteria in water
  • simple to use

mCOLItest is designed for rapid quantitative presumptive detection of Escherichia coli. The principle of the method is based on detection of β-glucuronidase, enzyme characteristic for Escherichia coli. Enzyme β-glucuronidase hydrolyses substrate 4-methylumbellipheryl-β-D-glucuronide, which is contained in nutritive pad mCOLItest. The reaction forms 4-methylumbellipheron that shows blue fluorescence under UV light source.

Advantages of mCOLItest:
  • rapid determination – result within 4 hours in comparison with standard agar culture
  • primary culture of membrane filters on any suitable agar for coliformssimple to use

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