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MLT00043    MIC G+                                                        MLT00057    MIC Colistin

MLT00044    MIC G-I                                                        MLT00058    MIC Ertapenem

MLT00045    MIC G-II                                                       MLT00059    MIC Gentamicin

MLT00046    MIC Neferm                                                 MLT00060    MIC Imipenem

MLT00047    MIC Staphy                                                  MLT00061    MIC Linezolid

MLT00048    MIC Urine                                                    MLT00062    MIC Meropenem

MLT00049    MIC Amikacin                                              MLT00063    MIC Nitrofurantoin

MLT00050    MIC Ampicillin                                              MLT00064    MIC Penicillin

MLT00051    MIC Ampicillin/Sulbactam                            MLT00065    MIC Piperacillin/Tazobactam

MLT00052    MIC Cefepime                                              MLT00066    MIC Teicoplanin

MLT00053    MIC Ceftazidime                                          MLT00067    MIC Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole

MLT00054    MIC Cefuroxime                                           MLT00068    Vancomycin

MLT00055    MIC  Ciprofloxacin                                        MLT00069    Tigecycline

MLT00056    MIC Clindamycin

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