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Lachema Workshop 2007

 PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika in co-operation with department of Clinical Chemistry of St. Anne's University Hospital Brno held Lachema Workshop. More than 100 clinical biochemists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia participated in Lachema workshop this year. In the scientific programme in the course of lectures were presented news which was launched by PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika at the beginning of year 2007. Especially, it concerned following kits: Uric Acid Liquid 500, Urinary Protein Liquid, HbA1c, and Creatinine. On the workshop was, for the first time, presented Urine reader LAURAâ Smart. In the third final course of lectures was presented „Brno Cardiology“ in a very interesting way. Traditionally, for enliven the hard scientific programme; PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika prepared accompanying social programme for the participants of the workshop. The first day was associated with the visit of Moravian Karst, Abyss Macocha tour, stalactite and stalagmite caves tour and cruise on the underground stream Punkva. The visit of caves enhanced also concert organised by the female soloist of Spiritual Kvintet with accompaniment directly at Mirror small lake. The second day, participants accepted invitation to the farm of Mr. Lada Kerndl, where PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika christened his new CD. PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika wants to say a word of thanks to the department of Clinical Chemistry of St. Anne's University Hospital Brno for co-organization of workshop, to all lecturers for interesting contributions, to participants for their time which they found for this event and last but not least also the weather which always turned fair in the end. We strongly believe that we will also meet on the next workshop PLIVA-Lachema Diagnostika in years to come.

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